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What is it about Male Ballet Dancers?


Several months ago I wrote a post about male ballet dancers. That entry was a brief accolade to the immense commitment professional performers undertake in order to perform the art to the best of their ability. Today’s entry is a simple celebration of the amazing physical acumen and talented achievement of some of the greatest male ballet dancers.

Christopher Wheeldon

Personally, I know almost nothing about ballet, but I appreciate the people who do.

While I enjoy all dance, I confess the male ballet dancers intrigue me most. They’re beautiful, first of all, and they demonstrate some pretty amazing feats of strength, control, and balance.

My interest is also due in part, to the mysterious, contrary, and somewhat scandalous association of effeminate posturing that the lay community attributes to male dancers of any ilk. Not manly enough is the typical comment. I don’t understand that attitude.

Paul Liburd

Only the very foolish would think such nonsense.

Conditioning hardens muscle. The athleticism and dedication of ballet dancers is intense. A singular demonstration illustrates a dancer’s stamina, endurance, and flexibility.

The grace and poise the dancers exhibit seems so inherent to me, but is I’m sure, the result of countless hours of grueling training and practice.

Ballet can be sensual and slow, or hard and fast, but it is always profoundly evocative. Sometimes even sexual.


The photographs which most appeal to me are those showing a dancer in motion. Airborn. Elevated. On wing. The strict conditioning required to make such leaps look effortless is daunting. The care dancers focus on providing for their bodies is admirable. The healthy human form is a glorious thing.


I love ballet dancers in pose because I can’t absorb the images fast enough when the dancers are actually moving. As a result, this has surely left me a very lopsided appreciation for the medium.

Captured on film, the structured beauty  is lovely, recording the briefest extension of muscle and the ultimate stretch of sinew. It is the documentation of the exquisite and ephemeral joy of expression. Enjoy.

Imagine what is required to achieve these results. Do you strive for perfection in your life? What sacrifices do you make for your passions? Don’t you want to try this, just once?

photo by tibchris

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