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Visiting the Tallship Royaliste


New friends recently acquired a tallship. Yep, they have their very own bonafide tallship. Fantastically nuts, I say.

Is she ready to board, raise the sails, and set underway? Uh…not yet. But she WILL be soon. It’s going to take some hard work and head-banging challenges, but she’ll sparkle in the end.


The Royaliste is a gaff-rigged, square topsail ketch. I couldn’t tell you what that means but she’s pretty.

She’ll sail the Columbia and Willamette Rivers for the Portland Pirate Festival (see more pictures here) in 2012. In addition, she’ll be available for sail-training, re-enactment adventures, and educational junkets. She’s already afloat, just needs some TLC. A hard summer in extreme heat, while awaiting transport west, was tough on the old girl but she’s already shaping up.


Due to my husband’s affiliation with the Academia Duellatoria we had the opportunity to visit the Royaliste shortly after she arrived in Portland.

The owners graciously shared information about this large undertaking and welcomed us aboard. My son was thrilled to steer the wheel and play pirate (remember, he’s four) for a couple of hours.

How anyone can resist the seduction of a wooden vessel is puzzling to me. The tall masts, the tangle of rigging, the cannons (oh yeah!), the collective connection to maritime history is just cool.

Mark your calendars and think about a visit when she’s open to the public. If you’d like to assist with the restoration, check out the links here at the Portland Pirate Festival website and know every effort, no matter how small, is appreciated.

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