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Cooking with the Kids

school busEven if you aren’t a parent, or the years of getting your brood prepared for academics have passed, it’s hard to avoid the back-to-school madness. In recent weeks, every store I’ve entered seems to feature an aisle bulging with assorted office supplies. Backpacks are strung from every end-stand like nylon and canvas banners. Parents, surrounded by clusters of children piping out words like “hello kitty” and “transformers” amid flailing arms, wear the bomb blast look that signifies the end of summer. 

I’ve always enjoyed this time of year because I get to stock up on office supplies for cheap. Cheap!

This time round, it’s a little different though because we’re at the beginning of the school cycle. Our wee-beast starts pre-kindergarden soon and already I feel the excitement. This is a frantic time for many families so I was thinking it’d be a good time to make the effort to do something special. That’s important, right?

Yes, yes it is (Phineas & Ferb alert).school supplies

So here’s my idea: plan to spend a few extra minutes and invite the offspring into the kitchen. Cooking with your kids is a lot of fun. Stop laughing! Sure, it’s messy. Yes, it takes longer. But kids love mixing and measuring. Remember how much fun it was when your folks let you do grown-up stuff? Helping prepare quick-to-fix meals or snacks teaches good skills and the underappreciated value of basic culinary skills. 

downI’ve assembled a list of links around that idea. Give them some fun and yourself a gift…try one or two. Let the brood assist in the processing, mixing, and preparation. Don’t forget the clean-up too, because that’s real life.

1. Healthy Snacks for Kids

2. Corn Dog Muffins

3. Peanut Butter & Jelly Spirals

4. Three Cheese Quesadillas

5. Apricot Sesame Cookies

Weekends are downtime for a lot of folks, but as a nation of busy people we’re usually crunched for time then too. Have a great two days – whatever your method of relaxation. I’ll expect an accounting by Monday of how you spent the weekend. 

questioningWhat good menu treat did the kids help make? Which obstacle did you tackle together? Who did you connect with?

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