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Men in Tights

You know how some visuals just evoke a certain feel? They prod something loose from the back of your memory vault, similar to a chunk of rock falling from a cliff face, that tumbles out even when you will it not to.
That happens to me every time I see a picture of the forest. My instantaneous association is to wonder when Robin Hood will appear. Worse yet, the refrain of “men…men in tights” echoes in the deepest chambers of my warped but amused mind. Missed the context? Allow me to order up a single serving of Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I dare you. Yes, that really is Cary Elwes in the role of Robin Hood (all you ladies know him as Wesley from The Princess Bride). You can thank me later.
Everybody has that immediate moment of inappropriate association. C’mon, I cannot be the only one. I can’t! Confess. I double dog dare you. What visuals provoke the bad wrong for you? Wanna compare? What memory stirs in your brain repository?

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