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A Fine Vintage Look

Vintage coats

There’s a homeless man I pass every so often when enroute to work. It’s a random event that has happened often enough over the last couple of years that we’ve passed the nodding stage and occasionally exchange a remark or two.

Victorian Lace-ups

This week he looked me up and down, clapped his hands together, and gave me two thumbs up for my ensemble.
“A fine vintage look.” He said with obvious approval.

Now I don’t know Ed’s backstory. I’m not even convinced Ed is his name since he’s also offered up Vincent and Michel at various times.

Regardless, I understand his appreciation for vintage looks. Intrigued, I wanted to know more but he indicated his preference for a couple of bucks and some solitude.

I have to respect that.

“Next time wear a hat.” He called after me as I returned to my car.

That seemed an excellent idea. I love hats. I wish hats were more popular. Men in hats, women in hats, cats in hats…er, okay, kids in hats. Can’t you just see a little straw boater on that toddler?

Ah, nostalgia.

Fashions come and go. I’m sure there are good reasons why some styles last and others don’t.

At heart, I’m a comfort dresser, and that’s the basis of any style I profess to extoll. It works on occasion though. I know this because there’s a guy named Ed or Vincent or Michel, who told me so.

What do you choose to round out the perfect outfit? Which accessory finishes off your favorite ensemble? Is there a part that makes you feel naked if you leave it behind?

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