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The Curse of Blackwood Manor

creepy houseThe door swung open just as Sissy’s sneaker-clad foot left the top step. She’d expected something creepy. She cleared her throat and swiped sweaty palms down the front of her jeans before pulling a thick envelope from her messenger bag. Peering into the foyer she addressed the empty space. “I have a delivery for Abigail Blackwood.”

The interior gloom swallowed her words. Thinking she was alone, her heart stuttered when a tall shadow moved at the edge of her peripheral vision and solidified into the notorious Anthony Blackwood.

Sissy couldn’t believe her bad luck. The law office job of serving legal notices and hand-delivering letters was intended to provide income to fix her uncle’s vintage Edsel so she could drive to college this autumn. That seemed unimportant now.

The black-haired man moved into the rectangle of light cast through the doors, highlighting the thin white scars across both cheeks. He reached for the letter. Somehow he grasped her hand. His touch warm, he spoke in a husky voice. “Grandmother is unable to leave her room. You must bring it upstairs.”

Sissy couldn’t drag her eyes from his pale narrow face.
He gently pulled her inside and the door swung shut.
For the third Write Campaign, Challenge #1: 200 words using the door swung open & the door swung shut.
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