Learning Patience

If you’ve taken a minute to stumble around my website (which is mostly my writing links) you might have figured out that I’ve worked in higher education for a long time. Eons it sometimes feels like. Somebody recently said to me:

Hey girl, what else you got going on?

Well I’m a pretty simple organism with few complex issues but here’s a look-see inside my life. I’ve got some hobbies. In addition to reading and writing, I like to cook and garden, make quilts and lampwork beads, travel and watch movies, and do beadwork.

Beadwork is not for the faint-of-heart or the short-of-patience. Lately it isn’t for the f**k-what-happened-to-my-eyesight either. Basically this is where you take tiny glass beads (seed beads) and stitch them down to various surfaces and create intricate complex designs. It’s fun. I find it soothing. There was a time when people joked that if you sat still long enough around me, I’d bead some part of your anatomy. Go there, it’s okay.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of beadwork, mostly for other people: dancegear, cradles, bags of all sorts. I’ve done most styles and stitches, but I have my favorites: applique and peyote (gourd) stitch.

When I’ve taught people how to work with beads I’ve told them they’re learning patience because it’s necessary. Here’s one of my rosettes.

It takes time to do beadwork and it also takes perseverence, a lot like writing a novel. I’ve learned that tasks which seem tedious and time-consuming, nitpicky and complex are what appeal to me. Selecting the right bead, in a particular color and finish, and placing it in just the right part of a design is much like finding the perfect word to finish a scene or convey a setting.
That whole six-degrees-of-separation thing applies to more than just people, see how it links together the facets of your life.

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