Flash Fiction is My Excuse

I’ve been amusing myself writing flash fiction over the last several weeks and now that I’ve got a six week work stint beginning tomorrow….bummer! I’m going to miss the rest of my favorite writing worshop sequence too (so sad). Time is going to be difficult to find but I’ve enjoyed the challenge of writing different styles enough that I’ll try to work it in somehow.

Since I’m fairly new to blogger I still need to figure out the best method for posting and accessing posted blogs. I think this will require some reorganization which I plan to tackle today. Maybe. Unless I get distracted with the ongoing trench warfare in the yard. The gophers have advanced dangerously close to the lilac.

Then I need to figure  out how to be more efficient with twitter. I’m sure its easy peasy, but obviously I’m not communicating with all the people I think I am.

I’ve set myself a new goal: in the next six weeks I will complete the final re-write for the novel fondly referred to as the Champion Rewrite. Then I will send it out to a new batch of beta readers and begin formulating the query letter (e-mail). Queries are tough but they’re so critical. Hopefully by the  end of summer I’ll be in a position to send that puppy out for a round or two, finally.

Then I can poke at the manuscript that’s been awaiting changes since a round of queries last fall. This is the merry-go-round part of jumping onto the representation ride. I’ve been having a good time writing for fun, but since I’ve decided to take the next step toward publication, well that means a whole new learning curve. The last twelve months have been an enormous education. If the next twelve are equally productive, then I’ll be a damn lot closer to my goal.

That seems pretty cool right now.

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