Celebrate a Little Danger

After some encouragement I’ve decided to gather up a fistful of my stories and organize them into an anthology of short pieces. This is going to take a little time.

Housekeeping the digital files is complicated by my habit of archiving documents by the random words that seems appropriate when I first title a work-in-progress. This practice has led to such winners as “serial killer housewife” and “glimmerdrop unicorn warparty” and doesn’t even get into the weirder monikers. First up is renaming those files. Next is transferring the three notebooks of hand-written shorts into the computer.

*bangs head on desk*

For a long time I was diligent about typing things into the wordbox, but then I got lazy. If you’re still reading this you’re thinking to yourself, “So what, whiner-girl? Why should I care about your crappily-named-messed-up-files?”

I don’t have an answer, I’m busy procrastinating here.

Let’s segue. My motto here at ye olde blogge is “celebrate a little danger”. The point being that we shouldn’t let opportunities pass by without grabbing the tiger by the tail and hanging on for the ride. We aren’t getting any younger, people. Now is the time.

What tasks and goals have you back-burnered? Maybe you always wanted to swim through a tunnel, dance naked on the beach, or ride a camel across the desert. Oddly enough, I’ve done two of those three examples. I’ll let you worry about which one I haven’t gotten around to yet.

Point is you should make the time to pull out the list and cross off a few items. This might be the only shot you have at tackling that dream, meeting that challenge, or facing that fear head on. Go on. Live a little. I took my own advice (for once), and plowed forward with a project I’ve been considering for a while.

Thus my challenge to you on this final day of May:

Be brave and bold and maybe a bit brash.

Go out and celebrate a little danger.

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  1. #1 by Bridgette Booth on May 31, 2012 - 3:45 pm

    uh. . . I thought I gave my files odd names, but your creativity is off-the-charts. I’m looking forward to reading more about your anthology. Did Frankenscript make it to the editor?

    • #2 by Leslie Berry/ @LesannBerry on June 1, 2012 - 10:04 pm

      You’re so sweet…I’d like to think it’s creativity but it’s just brain-mush. Trying to figure out a way to organize shorts for an anthology is much more complex than I anticipated, but it’s creeping forward. Frankenscript is about to speed on his way come this Monday. Then it will truly be out of my hands. It’s completely anticlimactic at this point because the story so isn’t worth this level of effort – but that’s the learning curve, right? *head bobbing*

  2. #3 by Donna Galanti on June 1, 2012 - 6:05 am

    Its funny, since having a child my to-do-crazy list got filed away. I just dont want to put myself in harm’s way and leave my son motherless. Like how I want to go sky diving. And how I desperately wanted to be on Survivor, was making my entry video when I got pregnant. Class V white water rafting. Now forget it! So I will make other lists that arent so dangerous. Like sight seeing…on the ground. Great idea on your anthology! Go for it…you inspire me to do the same.

    • #4 by Leslie Berry/ @LesannBerry on June 1, 2012 - 10:09 pm

      Actually, I think the mom thing is the biggest challenge of all. Dangers abound from day one and I suspect, five years into this deal, that things get stickier as we go. On the other hand, I totally agree with what you mean. No more plans to bungee-jump or skydive (like that was going to EVER happen anyway…), but there are still plenty of things that feel daring and dangerous but test us in other ways. Somedays just getting out the door with both shoes feels like a success!

      Bring on the anthology! We’ll swap…

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