Listen to Gypsy Cello

Adam Hurst, gypsy celloA few years ago, on a trek through the airport, I had the great fortune to hear Adam Hurst playing his hand-made gypsy cello. Airports have wonderful acoustics and I was so captivated I almost missed my flight. The sound from this instrument, and the skill of the musician, are both rich and stunning. It’s wonderful. You should listen.

Start with Gypsy Cello:

And then there’s Sparrow:

Don’t miss Night Dance:

Visit Mr. Hurst’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE to learn more. Known for bridging Eastern and Western music, if you have a chance to hear him play in person, it’s an experience you will not soon forget. I’m partial to instrumental music and think his melding of different musical styles is lovely. Check it out for yourself – you can purchase OBSCURA right now. And, you should. I did.

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