Listen to Shakuhachi Flute

shakuhachi courtesy of LombrosoThe Japanese shakuhachi flute is a difficult instrument to learn. Traditionally, they are made from the root end of a bamboo and can vary dramatically in appearance. In this form each flute is handmade from select bamboo culms. The treatment and aging of a flute affects its voice and contributes to the value of the instrument and the musician. An accomplished player can produce any pitch from a single instrument and widely vary the sound based on fingering of the holes and minute lip manipulation. Once considered a form of prayer, and linked to historical political and cultural power struggles, the playing of shakuhachi was once outlawed. Thankfully, renewed interest and shifts in perception have revived this form of flute. Mastering the playing of shakuhachi requires years of practice and an intensive long-term commitment. Please enjoy these accomplished performers:

Miyata Kohachiro plays Honshirabe

Kurahashi Yoshio Sensei plays Renpo-Ken

Kamuso Priest plays Shakuhachi

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