Summer Crush is ON!

Your next summer fling is just a book away and I’ve got the goods for you… all ready to be stacked up in a yummy pile of whew-is-it-hot-in-here-or-is-it-just-me?!


Check out the Summer Book Crush! For a limited time you can drown your sorrows in more hotness than you can possibly handle.

Think not? Prove me wrong…

No matter what your particular flavor preference, there’s one just waiting for you. And when that one’s finished and it’s time to say goodbye, stock up for a looong HOT summer and buy a bunch. At .99 each, these are a steal. Stack up a pile of summer reads and get to lounging!

Start at Hottie Row and work your way through the links. Looking for a particular type of guy? How about –


Sexy Foreign Accent

next door

Bad Boy





There are even Young Adult/Teen genres, along with more adult-themed romps. There’s even a special category for book-club-friendly authors. Check out ALL of them because you don’t want to miss this opportunity to stock up on your favorite new authors. Don’t know what kind of book boyfriend you’re looking for? Well then, you should try them ALL. Just to be sure. *wink wink*

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