January is for Readers

reader eventIt’s a brand new year and in order to celebrate readers everywhere I’m thrilled to announce the January Reader Appreciation event!

‘Cause who doesn’t love books?

‘Cause who can ever have enough books?

‘Cause it’s just SO easy!

For the next two weeks there will be ongoing flash giveaways from seventeen different authors. You can check out the details HERE and HERE and just so you never miss out on other cool fun shenanigans – sign up for my newsletter HERE. No matter what you like to read, you’ll find something to whet your literary interests. We have thrillers and romance, women’s fiction, intrigue, and even some thrilling romantic intrigue… all kinds of combinations. Check ’em all out.

Join in the fun by:

  • picking up a new read
  • discovering a favorite new author
  • winning a free print or digital copy of a book
  • entering the rafflecopter to win a giftcard
  • dropping by to chat with featured authors

Don’t wait! Visit more than once. Make it a daily event and you still won’t get through all the books by the end of the month… Books! Books! Books!


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