File No. 1 of the A.H.A. is here…

TheHandprint 100x160For your perusal, I submit File No. 1 from the Alternate History Archive: The Handprint.

This is my first new release in a while. I’ve been busy in the editing closet, trying to finish up several full length novels. They’ve been a long time coming – too long, to be honest – and I’m absolutely determined they’re getting published in 2015 so I can move on to new stuff.

Like The Handprint.

For several years I’ve attended group writing workshops every week. During these little events I’ve explored lots of fun characters, settings, and atmospheric experiments. Much of it has been bubbling around in my files and I’ve decided to create a series of interconnected stories by mining some of that raw material. They don’t necessarily feature the same characters, but in the end, they will all be linked in some fashion. This serialized anthology sort of content are called the Alternate History Archive.

Clocking in at a bit over 10,000 words in length, The Handprint is a short fun read for those nights when you can’t quite drop off to sleep without getting in a little fictional fun.

Here’re the details:

Newly arrived Annabelle Lash takes the first job she’s offered when she lands on the west coast. As a barely-trained morgue attendant, it’s her job to scoop up the dead and avoid taking any grief from local law enforcement. Unprepared for her first crime scene, she battles both a forbidden hunger and an unexpected attraction to the sexy Detective Smithson. Clued in to the secret identity of the Handprint Killer, she struggles to balance her new life, resist the charms of her admirer, and disappear into the hidden community of ghouls. But it turns out, she’s not the only one with secrets to protect and despite her efforts to put distance between herself and Smithson, her panties keep hitting the floor and the killer’s victim tally climbs ever higher.

Available now!

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