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New Release: The Adventures of Ghost Mouse

GhostMouseTada! Ghost Mouse is in the house.

Well, technically this isn’t a brand spanking new release because I published it earlier this year. I just haven’t gotten around to telling anybody yet. I wrote this for my son. Over the last couple of years we’ve had fun making up silly stories about Ghost Mouse and I decided to pull some of them together into a more permanent form.

Deliciously self-indulgent, I know.

These tales may not appeal to a broad audience and that’s okay. The goal was to make them into a “real” book for my kid. I hope that when he grows up, this little volume provides good memories of us laughing and reading together. The vocabulary is robust – we enjoy lots of words at our house – and the stories feature all the things that strike our fancy.

Want to check out the details and read a tiny excerpt? Clickity HERE.

Somehow I didn’t manage to weave dinosaur watching, time traveling, fossil-hunting, and a plethora of other fascinating activities into this book. I suspect a second volume might be forthcoming at some point in the future. Oh darn.

read a bookOne of the best things about parenting is offering your child tools and ideas and then watching what they do with them. Reading and writing are some of the greatest joys we can impart to the next generation. What silly things have you done for your children?

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