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Elmore’s Mind Poke

hmmAn adrenalin rush woke me up early on New Year’s Eve morning last week. I should know better than to watch Elmore Leonard movies right before bedtime. The dream had nothing to do with the movie except half the actors that had been in the film were running away (with me) from a gunman. There was also a werewolf involved but we somehow managed to ditch him. Don’t judge, it was my unconscious mind.

freaky deakyI won’t go into the rest of the details except to comment on the fact that if I actually tried to exert that much energy in real life, I’d be writing to you from a hospital bed. What I found most fascinating about the entire thing was the scenery and setting. Landscapes which were unfamiliar to me but so amazingly detailed that they must have been cobbled together from sensory details gleaned in real life. The brain is such an amazing instrument. The brain without the fetters of the waking world, and unconstrained by logic and common sense, is downright fantastic.

Image courtesy of Microsoft images.Wouldn’t it be cool if we could tap into that database?

The Center for Brain Science, a bunch of smart guys and gals conducting research in a building at Harvard University, are interested in that very thing. Well, they’re interested in a lot of stuff, including how worms eat, so there’s that, but this article caught my attention: The future of memory: remembering, imagining, and the brain. Sounds like they’ve got plans. I wonder if they need test subjects?

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