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The Lakefront Muse Interviews Me

Lake Sohara in WinterMary Metcalfe was kind enough to ask me over to the Lakefront Muse for an interview. It was fun! Having authored several of her own books, Mary has firsthand experience with the complex undertaking of preparing a story for publication.

I pimped my short story collection: Passing Judgement and nattered on about the state of Frankenscript, the novel that will not die. passingjudgementWe chatted about a number of topics, including my lamentable ability to curse in multiple languages and my commitment to preserving historic sites. I might have even mentioned something about my bone collection and the time I was trapped in an Anasazi ruin during a flash flood. C’mon by and check it out. Click HERE to hop over and peruse the madness.

Mary is wonderfully supportive of authors of all flavors. She’s had many interviewees – so don’t forget to check out the popular posts on the left side of her site and scroll to the bottom of the queue. You don’t want to miss discovering a new good read. And you absolutely can’t miss checking out Mary’s books: Winds of Change, New Beginnings, and Road to Tomorrow.

Winds of Change

New BeginningsRoad to Tomorrow








Every writer needs a little love. Swing over for a wee visit. You can teach us a new curse word, right? There are 6,000 more languages we have yet to mine for blue thunder – what do you know?

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