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Taking a Deep Breath

time is blurredThere are moments when time blurs. In this overly busy world we sometimes lose our way. Recently, that happened to me. I lost track of some commitments. Like everyone else, I take on a lot more than is reasonable, and that creates life-complications.

Choices, right?

In July I over-extended myself with work and research, and as a result, I found myself floundering in projects and responsibilities. My own fault – mea culpa. Bad self. But, you know what? Sometimes there aren’t reasonable choices. In the greater scheme of things you have to pile on the stress in order to achieve the long-term goal. I’m one step closer to that big plan.

Something did have to give and in this instance it was the writing, the editing, and the blog. My poor crit partner even had to go without input for that entire time – on the last two chapters of her novel. Sorry!  I’m out the other side now. Projects completed. Research published. Classes finished. Grades recorded. Grants written. Review passed. Training accomplished. And all those other little things crossed off the list.

Whew. I’m tired.

Super Mr. WonderfulNow I’m struggling to decompress. After living in crisis mode for six solid weeks it’s a challenge just to accept there isn’t another fire waiting to be stomped out. What’s on your itinerary for the day? Are things going how you envisioned back at the start of this new year? Don’t forget to take a moment to relax.