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Top 100 Movie Lines

My reading friends like to make snide remarks about how the movie we just viewed is never as good as the written work. Well duh. They’re different mediums constrained by diverse parameters and striving for varying goals. Sometimes film can produce scenes more viscerally than you get from the page. That isn’t to say that a wonderful read can’t become a travesty of a film…I don’t know if the reverse occurs.
Can a film be better than the book?
Now there’s something to argue about over coffee or cocktails. This video clip doesn’t include my personal top 100 movie lines list but the clip is fun all the same. You can never go wrong with a little Casablanca (Claude Rains fan alert). Enjoy a couple hours of Hollywood’s effort and see what’s playing this weekend.
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What’s your all-time favorite movie line? Could any other actor have delivered it? Which lines can you quote verbatim?