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Life Gave Me Lemons…I Want Change

I’m not as frivilous as when younger. That happens as you mature, or so older folks tell me. I think it stems more from weariness, but okay.

One practice I attempt to abstain from: wallowing in the stress that life sometimes offers. This means avoiding negativity in the form of attitudes, values, perspectives, conversations, and people. In recent years that’s been more challenging for the myriad of reasons facing all people today (think economy, oversaturation of media, too much available information).

Blogging is an enjoyable activity for me…it’s somewhat anonymous and provides an open platform where I can chatter about whatever catches my fancy.

I deal with a smattering of controversy in my professional life – I choose not to do that here.

Eventually the two worlds will collide, it’s inevitable I suppose, and major life changes will result. That’s not dramatic. Many people negotiate the delicate balance between personal lives, careers, family and creative pursuits. I compartmentalize because that makes it easier to manage the disparate pieces of my existence.

There is a mental image of a filing cabinet in my head. Each bank of drawers stores the important data that apply to specific parts of my life. Problem is….I’m ready to shut and lock some of the doors. In order to do that I need to make those major changes. Life-altering, career-ending changes…okay, maybe career-shifting changes.

Either way the end of an era is coming. Soon.

I’m not sure I’m ready but guess what? Life doesn’t care – here comes the change anyways. Sort of like pregnancy.

I’ve met a lot of joyful people as a result of blogging, and a few jerks. That’s okay, the online environment is easier for dealing with lunatics than the physical world.

During a recent foray into the blogging world, I stumbled across a site displaying a protracted comparison of two successful book series (by different authors). Reading through the lengthy discussion, I became puzzled by the amount of vitriol spilled on the page. Wow. The writer and the commenters argued about subjects only the authors of the material knew the truth about.

Seemed kind of meaningless.

Tempest in a tea-cup and all that – but why argue about what an author meant when said author has already stated their words in a public venue like their VERY public personal authorized and validated website.

Is that my age?
I’ve read books I’ve enjoyed and ones I haven’t, but I don’t understand the continued diatribe against published works that you don’t like. Stop reading them. Likewise, why continue to argue a different meaning behind an author’s intent when they’ve publicly stated their opinion and position.

That site goes on my list of places too negative to visit. I have a limited amount of time and energy, and I don’t choose to spend it in such company. Diametrically opposing points of view are just different perspectives.

How do you separate the wheat from the chaff and sort the uplifters from the drainers? Do you avoid timesucks and energy vampires? Am I just old and cranky?

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