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While Mucking About…

barnWhile mucking out the barn in my brain, I stumbled across this idea I had sometime last year. I thought at the time it sounded nifty. Something to try, and then I forgot about it until just now. Those senior moments happen more often than I like.

I’ve decided to avoid remembering unessential things in order to hold back some brain cells for the future. Don’t tell me the illogic of this idea, I’m convinced it’ll work and let’s leave it at that. Regardless, the idea is fraught with pitfalls because my mind is trivia central. A small hand-lettered sign over the neocortex reads: useless information repository.

Anyhow.The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

My idea was this: how interesting would it be to take a favorite old story – preferably something sacrosanct and rewrite it from a different POV? I’m sure someone has already done this for fun and fame but I’m still claiming I thought it up all by my lonesome.

Sometimes point-of-view puzzles me. I think I’ve nailed it and then all of a sudden the camera is being held by some omniscient narrator floating half a mile above the scene and reporting like a talking head with Alan Rickman’s voice.

“and as the ravening beast approaches our heroine, she naively clings to her shreds of modesty and…”

Severus SnapeAs voices go, this is not really a bad thing (it IS Snape, after all), but still – not exactly my goal. I think taking a tried-and-true story and flipping it inside out with a POV shift might help me figure this out. Now I just need to find a book and try it.  I’m stuck and can’t think of any.Shut up. It’s not a senior moment. Anybody out there tried this? Tell me how it worked. Should we have a little contest and see who can best screw up alter a classic? Thoughts? Input? Crap…am I alone out here?

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